Derroll Adams - Portland Town (1967)

Derroll Adams was an American folk singer and banjo player.

Derroll Adams was born in Portland, Oregon, and began his career in folk music after brief periods in the army, the coast guard, and art school, and soon emerged as a fine banjo player. Some time in the 50s he met fellow folk singer Ramblin' Jack Elliott, and the two of them travelled both America and Europe together (where he managed to get himself a devoted following). They recorded albums together as a duo, and Elliott covered Adams' "Portland Town" on his 1964 self-titled album. Adams also earned himself a devotee in the young British singer-songwriter Donovan, whose early career was heavily in debt to American folk music. However, he became disenchanted with the widening audience of folk music in the 1960s, and retired from the business for a short time when he married his fourth wife.
His solo debut actually came out after this brief period of retirement, and probably had something to do with his marriage failing. Whatever the reasons, he returned to music, and Portland Town came out in 1967, twenty years after he first started playing. It's a great album, showcasing both his banjo talents and his deep, gravely voice. Elliott joins him on guitar for a couple of songs. Overall, a great piece of underrated 60s folk, from an underrated artist.

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Anonymous said...

this IS pretty interesting. Low key, but sincere. Thanks, never heard any of Adams music, though i knew the name.


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Derroll Adams first album was incredible! I love it so much!

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