Buffalo Springfield - Down To The Wire (1966-1968)

Buffalo Springfield were an American folk-rock band which started the careers of Stephen Stills, Richie Furay and Neil Young.

In 2001 a 4-cd Buffalo Springfield box set was released (compiled by Neil Young). As well as their original albums, it also contained a host of unreleased material. There are enough good, strong studio recordings to re-assemble into a lost 'fourth album', which is what we have here, called Down To The Wire. These songs are very good, and it really is surprising that some of them became outtakes.
Some interesting points about some of the songs. Neil Young's "Down To The Wire" was also released on his triple-LP compilation album Decade in 1977. That version had Young singing lead, but the version here has Stills' vocals (though the instrumental backing is identical). Richie Furay's "What A Day" was later re-done for Poco's debut album - the Buffalo Springfield version here has vocals from both Furay and Stills. "Baby Don't Scold Me" was on the original version of their debut album, before the success of the single "For What It's Worth" led to the album being re-issued with an altered tracklist, and "Baby Don't Scold Me" was dropped. Young's "Down Down Down" was later incorporated as part of his "Country Girl" medley on CSNY's Deja Vu album. This compilation also contains two excellent instrumentals - "Falcon Lake" and "Kahuna Sunset".
This material shows what great potential the band had, and if they had not let personality clashes and internal bickering tear them apart, they could have had a much longer and more productive career than they ultimately did.

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