Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield (1966)

Buffalo Springfield were an American folk-rock band which started the careers of Stephen Stills, Richie Furay and Neil Young.

Their debut album followed in the wake of the folk-rock movement started by The Byrds. They had three lead singers and songwriters in Stills, Young and Furay. Young and Stills also gave them a formidable twin guitar attack. The group was rounded out by bassist Bruce Palmer and drummer Dewey Martin. The first album was dominated somewhat by Stills, who wrote and sang lead on over half the songs. The remaining numbers were all written by Young, though at this early stage in his career he was not a confident singer, so only sang lead on two of them. The remaining three Young compositions were sung by Furay, who elsewhere added superb harmonies to Stills’ tunes. The fact that all twelve songs were original composition marked them out from just being another group of Byrds impersonators - the Byrds were still relying on cover songs and Bob Dylan material, and their song writing had yet to truly flourish. Stylistically it could also be argued as being more diverse than the early Byrds albums, a unique and charming mixture of folk, pop, country, psychedelia and rock, all adorned with careful harmonies and rich tapestries of guitars which jangle, buzz and twang. The album initially failed to make an impact, but after the protest single "For What It's Worth" became a hit it was re-released in early '67 with this song pasted in.

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