Gene Clark - Roadmaster (1973)

Gene Clark was an American singer-songwriter, best remembered as a founding member of The Byrds.

Clark's third solo album was actually pieced together from three different sessions, and was originally only released in Holland, so it's surprising that it remains one of his most consistent and highly-regarded records - a true lost classic. The first two songs ("She's The Kind Of Girl" and "One In A Hundred") were recorded in early 1970, shortly after he left Dillard & Clark, and feature all the original members of The Byrds backing him (though this was done through overdubbing, so it wasn't actually a reunion). The two songs were supposed to be released as a single, but it never happened, and they were put aside for the time being. In 1971 a different version of "One In A Hundred" was included on his album White Light. "Here Tonight" was recorded in January 1971 with the Rick Roberts-era Flying Burrito Brothers backing him (the song also appeared on a Burrito Brothers compilation album). The rest of the songs were from 1972, recorded with such noted session musicians as guitarist Clarence White, fiddle player Byron Berline, pedal steel guitarist Pete Kleinow and keyboard player Spooner Oldham. With the exception of the uncharacteristically uptempo title track, they were more sombre Clark balladry, and included a new slowed-down version of the old Byrds b-side "She Don't Care About Time".

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Supersonic75 said...

Don't know this. I'm fairly new to much of GC's solo stuff and have really been into a lot of it; nice to see so much here. Thanks!