Gene Clark - White Light (1971)

Gene Clark was an American singer-songwriter, best remembered as a founding member of The Byrds.

White Light was Clark's second solo album proper, with two albums with the country-rock band Dillard & Clark since his first. It had a sombre, folky, mostly acoustic tone, with eight fantastic original songs alongside the Dylan/Manuel classic “Tears Of Rage”. The band backing him consisted of guitarist Jesse Ed Davis, bassist Chris Ethridge, organist Mike Utley, drummer Gary Mallaber and pianist Ben Sidran (the latter two from the Steve Miller Band). It became very popular with the critics (it was voted album of the year by rock critics in the Netherlands), but like most of Clark’s solo albums, fail to do well commercially. It's definately not his most accessible album, with a dry, sparse sound, but perhaps is the best example of Clark as the serious singer-songwriter poet.

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Elliot Knapp said...

Great, great album. Wrote an extensive review of it here.