The Blues Project - Live At The Cafe Au Go Go (1966)

The Blues Project were a rock band from New York City originally active in the mid-60s.

The Blues Project were formed in New York City during the mid 60s, by ex-folkie guitarists Danny Kalb and Steve Katz, singer Tommy Flanders, bassist Andy Kulberg and drummer Roy Blumenfeld. They were introduced by producer Tom Wilson to Al Kooper, who had recently risen to prominence through playing organ for Bob Dylan. Kooper sat in with them, and was then surpised to be asked to join the band as their keyboardist. With this six man line-up they started to build a name for themselves in New York, playing raw and gritty R&B, with lots of lengthy improvisation and jamming. They got themselves signed to Verve Records, and began recording their debut album live at the Cafe Au Go Go in late 1965. However during the recording Tommy Flanders left, leaving them to finish the album without him. Kalb, Katz and Kooper took up the vocal duties between them.
The album came out in 1966, featuring Flanders on just a few songs. It mostly consisted of cover songs, including classics such as Bo Diddley's "Who Do You Love" and Willie Dixon's "Back Door Man" and "Spoonful". However amidst all the R&B, there were two songs from then-contemporary folk singers - Donovan's "Catch The Wind" and Eric Andersen's "Violets Of Dawn". These two moments of folk-rock hinted at where their music was soon to take them.
The album was a moderate success, and led to a national tour.

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