Arlo Guthrie - Running Down The Road (1969)

Arlo Guthrie is an American singer-songwriter, the son of Woody Guthrie.

Running Down The Road was Guthrie's third album, which saw him move away from the comic story-telling troubadour sound of his first two albums and into electric country-rock. Alongside six original songs are covers of his father's "Oklahoma Hills", Mississippi John Hurt's "Creole Belle", the Pete Seeger instrumental "Living In The Country" and the traditional tune "Stealin'". Guthrie's own "Coming Into Los Angeles" gave him a minor hit. Also of note is the title track, a strange psychedelic number which stands out from the rustic vibe of the rest of the album with its wild distorted guitars. Backing him throughout the album is a veritable who's who of musicians, many of who would continue to appear on his albums - guitarists Ry Cooder, Clarence White and James Burton, bassist Chris Ethridge, drummer Jim Gordon, plus Gene Parsons and others.

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savageYHS said...

*Thanks! Great memories of being introduced to this "comforting" record, *and* red lebanese!, by a classmate; that first scary quarter in the big City, Boston U. Thanks a lot!*-) CHEERS!!