Taj Mahal - The Natch'l Blues (1968)

Taj Mahal is an American blues singer-songwriter and musician.

Taj Mahal's debut album released in 1968 had got his solo recording career off to a great start. Later that same year he got to perform as a guest on The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus event (which actually wasn't aired at the time). Before the year was out he had released his second album, The Natch'l Blues. An excellent record, it demonstrated his ability to look beyond the then somewhat over-familiar electric blues format and incorporate a variety of different ideas. It featured both rootsy numbers such as the folk songs "Corinna" and "The Cuckoo", and Memphis soul (complete with horns) with fantastic covers of William Bell's "You Don't Miss Your Water" and Homer Banks' "Ain't That A Lot Of Love". Musical backing came from guitarist Jesse Ed Davis, bassist Gary Gilmore and drummer Chuck Blackwell, plus appearances from Al Kooper on keyboards and veteran studio drummer Earl Palmer.

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that, my friend was an excellent listen. Thank You for sharing.

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Fantastic album. My review kind of mirrors yours in a way:

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