Dr John - Tango Palace (1979)

Dr John (real name Mac Rebennack) is an American singer-songwriter and musician, best known as a pianist.

Tango Palace was the second of two Dr John albums to be produced by Tommy DiPuma in New York CIty and released on Horizon Records in the late 70s. Like its predecessor, City Lights, it was notable for its smooth production, but whereas the first time round it had worked well, on Tango Palace it sounded perhaps a bit too slick.  Though several of the songs referred to his home city of New Orleans, and a cover of an old New Orleans R&B hit was also included (Chris Kenner's "Something You Got"), the music itself was curiously lacking any of the New Orleans flavours that Dr John's music had always been filled with.
The album was his final one for Horizon, but it was not his final collaboration with Tommy LiPuma.

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Jonathan F. King said...

I'm a big Dr. John fan, and happy to find this disc, which has proven difficult to locate online. I don't share the poster's cavils about this release, and find its "slickness" part of its distinctive appeal. It would have been great if this had been posted in 320kb/s rather than 128, I have to say.

Anonymous said...

well, to be honest , that was a tough 35 minutes of listening, even when i kept telling myself to stay open-minded. There, i said it.

acuarelamusical said...


Unknown said...

Is this still available to download? This is my favorite Dr. John album.

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