War - War (1971)

War is an American funk band originally formed in 1969.

War parted ways with English singer Eric Burdon in 1971 - he left them during a European tour. On returning to the USA they were signed to United Artists, and started recording as simply War, with the line-up of Lonnie Jordan (keyboards), Howard Scott (guitar), Lee Oskar (harmonica), Charles Miller (sax & flute), B.B. Dickerson (bass), Harold Brown (drums) and Papa Dee Allen (percussion). Without a dedicated lead singer, they now shared the vocals between themselves, which proved to be a winning formula. Their first album post-Burdon came out later in 1971, and showcased the formula of laid-back, funky grooves with flavours of jazz and Latin music that they had by now perfected. It featured six lengthy songs which gave the whole group room to showcase their instrumental talents. Of note was the closing number, which was a very strange one - "Fidel's Fantasy" perhaps showed that Burdon's influence was still heavy on the group.
The album was only modestly successful, the single "Sun Oh Sun" getting to #38 on the R&B chart. Though it wasn't a huge seller, it successfully established the War sound, and set the framework for what was to come.

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