Rare Earth - Get Ready (1969)

Rare Earth are an American rock band.

In 1969 Rare Earth were signed to a new Motown subisdiary designed for white rock acts such as themselves - Motown had still to give the new label a surprise, and to the band's surprise they decided to name it Rare Earth. Their second album came out in 1969, consisting of some solid, hard-driving R&B-flavoured rock with the focus on lots of lengthy solos from all band members. It featured covers of John D. Loudermilk's "Tobacco Road", Traffic's "Feelin' Alright", Savoy Brown's "Train To Nowhere" and The Temptations' "Get Ready", the last of which was drawn out into a 20 minute jam.
A radio edit of the "Get Ready" jam was released as a single a became a surprise hit, charting at #4 (better than The Tempations' original had done in 1964). The song effectively launched the band's career, and the album itself charted at #12.

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