The Impressions - People Get Ready (1965)

The Impressions are an American R&B vocal group originally formed in 1958. 

The Impresssions' first album of 1965 was a solid collection of uptown, brassy Chicago soul tunes, all from the pen of Curtis Mayfield. It featured two songs that were hits that year, the first being "Woman's Got Soul", which charted at #9 R&B and #29 Pop. The second song, which gave the album it's name, proved to be something special. "People Get Ready" was a gospel-influenced composition that demonstrated the growing sophistication of Mayfield's writing, and it went on to become something of a much-loved soul standard. It still endures today as The Impressions' best-known song, though not quite their highest charting - it got to #3 R&B and #14 Pop. 
Elsewhere on the album was the single "You Must Believe Me", which had already charted as a Top 20 single the year before. The album itself topped the R&B chart.

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