Allen Toussaint - Motion (1978)

Allen Toussaint is an American musician, songwriter and record producer, an influential figure in New Orleans R&B since the 1960s.

1978's Motion was Allen Toussaint's first solo album in three years. He had only released five albums under his own name in over twenty years in the music busines, but his own recording career had always been secondary to his work as a producer and songwriter, which continued with no sign of slowing throughout the 70s (his song "Southern Nights" was a #1 pop hit for Glen Campbell in 1977). The new album was recorded in L.A. with local studio pros including guitarist Larry Carlton, bassist Chuck Rainey and drummer Jeff Porcaro, helping craft a sound quite different to his earlier self-produced New Orleans albums. The result was smoother and glossier, and not quite as distinctive, but nevertheless made for a great record. It turned out to be his last proper solo album for almost twenty years.

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Barb said...

Really appreciate this one! Hey, do you have the Rowans lp from 1975? Would be eternally grateful for a post of that nature...

Anonymous said...

I have some requests for a future album posting:
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Hot Tuna "The Phosphorescent Rat"
Jeff Beck "Blow By Blow"
The Band "Stage Fright"