Bobby Charles - Last Train To Memphis (2004)

Bobby Charles was an American singer-songwriter.

Into the latter half of his career Bobby Charles actually began releasing albums (he only ever released one in the first thirty years of his music career!). After 1994's Wish You Were Here Right Now, he released Secrets Of The Heart in 1998, which contained half new material and half old material (the old songs were originally from 1987's Clean Water, and the six new songs I have put on this compilation here). His next collection of new songs had to wait until 2004, and as was now typical for a Bobby Charles album its songs came from a variety of sources spanning several decades. Last Train To Memphis came out as a double CD, and on the surface can be taken as a sprawling double album packed full of brilliant songs. However on closer inspection, all the songs on the second disc can be found on the Clean Water, Wish You Were Here Right Now and Secrets Of The Heart albums. The first disc is also compiled from recordings from all over the place, both old and new, but as none of these songs had actually seen release on an album before, it can be considered 'all new'. To simplify matters, I am just offering you the first disc of 'new' material, as everything on the second disc can be found on previous albums.
The new songs cover the broad territory between R&B and country, and contain some real gems. The list of musicians who can be heard behind him is extensive, which makes sense considering the songs came from such a wide range of sessions. Among those who can be heard are pedal steel man Ben Keith, keyboard player David Briggs, both Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham, guitarists Fred Carter, Jr. and Sonny Landreth, New Orleans R&B man Clarence 'Frogman' Henry, fiddle player Rufus Thibodeux, both Geoff and Maria Muldaur (on seperate tracks over ten years apart), Neil Young and Willie Nelson.

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