Townes Van Zandt - Delta Momma Blues (1971)

Townes Van Zandt was an American singer-songwriter.

Townes Van Zandt's fourth album came out in 1971, by which time he had got divorced was living in New York City, where it was recorded. Like its predecssor from 1969, it presented his songs in dry, sparse, stripped down arrangements that suited them well, with the instrumental ornamentation that was present being subtle and well-placed, allowing his talented guitar picking to stay at the forefront. It featured ten new original songs, some of which rate as among his very best. Like all of his albums up to this point, it wasn't a commercial success (his music was undoubtedly just too bleak and raw for this), but it was more solid proof of him being one of the most talented and poetic songwriters in the country-folk field.

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