Arthur Alexander - Arthur Alexander (1972)

Arthur Alexander was an American soul singer and songwriter. 

Since his one and only real big success, 1962's "You Better Move On", Arthur Alexander's career had languished throughout the 60s. He remained much liked and respected by all who came into contact with him or his music, but never had any more commerical success to show for it. In 1971 he briefly resurfaced on Warner Brothers Records for one album, for which his friend Donnie Fritts took him to Chips Moman's American Sound Studio in Memphis. American Sound's veteran bassist Tommy Cogbill produced, and helped craft a charming album of understated country-soul that played to Alexander's strengths. It featured many good new originals (some of them co-written with Fritts), plus a remake of an older Alexander tune, "Go Home Girl". It also featured four songs by songwriter Dennis Linde, one of which ("Burning Love") would soon become well-known through Elvis Presley's hit cover. The highlight of the album without a doubt was "Rainbow Road", a song written by Fritts and Dan Penn back in their Muscle Shoals days, and one which many soul singers tried their hand at around this time. Alexander's is surely the most powerful (and apparently the song was originally written with him in mind as the singer).
A couple of singles also came out of the Memphis sessions, they are included here along with their b-sides as bonus tracks.

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