Percy Mayfield - Percy Mayfield Sings Percy Mayfield (1970)

Percy Mayfield was an American R&B singer and songwriter.

After his one-album deal with Brunswick Records in the late 60s, Percy Mayfield found himself signed to RCA Victor in 1970. His first album on his new label, Percy Mayfield Sings Percy Mayfield, was an excellent release - effortlessly cool with its smoky, lazy blues vibes. The twelve original songs were as clever and insightful lyrically as his songwriting had always been, and they were strengthened by some splendid arrangements courtesy of Joe Jones. 
One of the songs, "To Live The Past", actually scraped into the R&B singles chart, peaking at #43. It wasn't exactly a true comeback, but obviously there was still a market for his style of R&B. 

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