Mickey Newbury - Live At Montezuma Hall (1973)

Mickey Newbury was a critically-acclaimed American singer-songwriter.

Mickey Newbury's first live album saw release in 1973, an unedited recording of a solo concert performance at Montezuma Hall at San Diego State Universty from the same year. It was a powerful, intimate performace, mostly of songs from his past three albums (his famous trilogy of masterpieces), plus one which had yet to be released, a couple of obscurities exclusive to this concert, and a surprise cover of Percy Mayfield's "Please Send Me Someone To Love".
The history behind the album's release is quite interesting. Of his recent trilogy (Looks Like Rain, Frisco Mabel Joy and Heaven Help The Child), the first had been released on Mercury Records, whilst for the other two he had moved to Elektra. He took the rights for Looks Like Rain with him to Elektra, and so it was re-issued on his new label combined with Live At Montezuma Hall as a double LP. For many years this was the only place Montezuma Hall could be found, until it was included on the eight-disc The Mickey Newbury Collection in 1998. The album has therefore never been released by itself.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rare find.

CJ Wells said...

Just a note. I have an old stand-alone issue of this on vinyl, and also a vinyl of the same design entitled "Bugger Red Rap," a story he told at the same concert. I know both are at least 35 years old. Don't have them at hand, so can't tell you more right now. I'll dig them out soon. i believe they are both on Elektra. Thanks for keeping all this wonderful older music alive!

Apetalk1971 said...

Thank you for posting this. I didn't even know this record existed and I am not sure I could have found it if I did. Upon listening I am floored by these particular (as you say) intimate versions by Mickey Newbury of his songs.

Again, thank you for sharing.

acuarelamusical said...