Poco - Deliverin' (1971)

Poco is an American country-rock band originally formed in 1968.

Poco's third album was a live one, recorded in the September of 1970. It featured a good number of new songs alongside some originally  from their first two studio albums (including their best-known numbers "Pickin' Up The Pieces" and "You Better Think Twice"), resulting in an album full of upbeat energy. It also featured two older Richie Furay songs that he had orginally recorded whilst with Buffalo Springfield - "A Child's Claim To Fame" and "Kind Woman" had been released on Buffalo Springfield albums but had in truth been proto-Poco solo numbers. Indeed the original recording of the latter had featured both Jim Messina and Rusty Young. Their inclusion here upgraded them to part of the official Poco repertoire.
However the lineup of Furay, Messina, Young, Schmidt and Grantham wasn't to last long. Jim Messina left the band in late 1970, and so by the time Deliverin' was released in 1971 he had been replaced by Paul Cotton.
The album actually produced a minor hit, as Furay's "C'mon" got to #69 on the pop singles chart. The album itself got to #26, their first to reach the Top 40.

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