Al Kooper - Act Like Nothing's Wrong (1976)

Al Kooper is an American singer-songwriter, producer and musician.

In 1972 Al Kooper had set up his own record label based in Atlanta, Georgia - Sounds Of The South. For the next few years his solo recording career was set aside as he focused on his big discovery, southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. He produced their first three studio albums, and with the Top 10 hit "Sweet Home Alabama" they were propelled to stardom. He parted ways with them in 1976 after their third album. 
Kooper then released another solo album on United Artists Records. Act Like Nothing's Wrong was recorded in Nashville, Florida and Atlanta, and co-produced by John Simon. Despite the awful choice of cover art, it turned out to be one of his finest albums, with his usual mix of rock, pop and R&B. Three definite standout tracks were the Dan Penn / Spooner Oldham composition "Out Of Left Field" (originally a hit for Percy Sledge), a reworking of his own "This Diamond Ring" (which had been his first songwriting success back in 1965 when it was recorded by Gary Lewis & The Playboys), and the epic closing track "Hollywood Vampire", which featured Joe Walsh on slide guitar.

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