Barbara Lynn - You Left The Water Running: The Tribe Singles (1966-1967)

Barbara Lynn is an American R&B singer, songwriter and guitarist.
1962 had seen Barbara Lynn score her breakthrough hit, and only #1 record, "You'll Lose A Good Thing", produced by Huey P. Meaux and released on Jamie Records. Several more singles on Jamie followed, but none were as big a success. In 1966 Meaux moved her to his own Tribe Records label, and here she released four singles. One of these was the first recording of an early Dan Penn classic, "You Left The Water Running", which would soon be recorded by a number of different R&B and soul artists. It charted modestly, getting to #42 on the national R&B chart. In 1967 she signed a new deal with Atlantic Records.
As there were only four singles on Tribe, this compilation is just a short one of eight tracks, but they are all good, "You Left The Water Running" being particularly noteworthy.

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