Simon & Garfunkel - Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme (1966)

Simon & Garfunkel are an American singer-songwriter duo, consisting of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

"The Sound Of Silence" had given Simon & Garfunkel their breakthrough with a #1 hit on New Years Day 1966. It was followed by a very successful folk-rock album. Their next single was another brilliant Paul Simon original, "Homeward Bound", which got to #5 in the US and also broke them into the UK Top 10. "I Am A Rock" from the Sounds Of Silence album then got to #3, completing a trilogy of perfect hit singles. The next single, "The Dangling Conversation", was not as successful (but still managed to chart at #25!).
Their next album refined the folk-rock style of the Sounds Of Silence album, being arguably a more consistent record. Simon & Garfunkel had truly found their voice. Three of the songs had previously appeared as solo numbers of the obscure Paul Simon Songbook album. It also features both the "Homeward Bound" and "The Dangling Conversation" singles. The best-remembered song on the album was the opening track from which it took its title, an arrangement of the English folk ballad "Scarborough Fair" set in counterpoint with "Canticle", an early Paul Simon composition.
The album was a success, and charted at #4.

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