John Mayall - Looking Back (1969)

John Mayall is a British blues singer and multi-instrumentalist, who was a major figure in the 60s British blues scene.

By 1969 John Mayall had retired the Bluesbreakers name, and his contract with Decca Records was almost up. His most loyal sideman for the past two years, young guitarist Mick Taylor, had taken up a job offer in the summer and joined The Rolling Stones. Mayall himself moved to L.A. the same year, where he began performing with a new group with a very different sound.
With Mayall's blessing, Decca records collected together a number of songs that had not been released on LPs before, mostly singles and b-sides. Looking Back came out in 1969, containing songs that covered the period from 1964 to 1968. It featured various different lineups of The Bluesbreakers, with appearances from Taylor, Eric Clapton and Peter Green, as well as the group's first (and least well known) guitarists, Bernie Watson and Roger Dean.

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