Arthur Alexander - The Monument Years (1965-1972)

Arthur Alexander was an American soul singer and songwriter.

When his brief run of hits had run out, Arthur Alexander found his contract with Dot Records terminated. In 1965 he signed with Sound Stage 7, the soul subsidiary of Fred Foster's Nashville-based Monument Records. He released six singles for Sound Stage 7 over three years, but none of them even touched the charts. As a result he was curiously absent from the music scene for the latter half of the decade, making it a somewhat mysterious chapter in his career.
In 2001 Ace Records released this fantastic compilation, which brought together the Monument singles with a host of previously unreleased studio leftovers from the same era. The result is an extensive collection, perhaps not as strong as his classic early singles, but nevertheless some excellent country soul in his distinctive style, with certain standout tracks that can indeed stand up with his earlier work. It includes some interesting covers, among them The Box Tops' "Cry Like A Baby", The Everly Brothers' "Bye Bye Love", Ben E. King's "Spanish Harlem" and Curly Putman's "Set Me Free".

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