The Amazing Rhythm Aces - The Amazing Rhythm Aces (1979)

The Amazing Rhythm Aces are an American country-rock band originally formed in the early 70s.

The Amazing Rhythm Aces' self-titled 1979 album was recorded at the Muscle Shoals Sound studio, produced by Jimmy Johnson. It was also their first with new lead guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Duncan Cameron, who also proved to be a capable singer and songwriter, singing his own "Homestead In My Heart". The album offered the group's usual eclectic mix of rock, country, soul & R&B sounds, and was notable for featuring some contributions from outside the band for the first time - some of the R&B tunes were augmented by a horn section, one song featured strings, and the closing number had guest vocals from from Joan Baez and Tracy Nelson. It also differed from the earlier albums in its inclusion of three cover songs - Al Green's "Love And Happiness", Benny Spellman's "Lipstick Traces" (an Allen Toussaint composition) and Rudy Clark's "If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody".

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