Richard & Mimi Fariña - Reflections In A Crystal Wind (1965)

Richard & Mimi Fariña were a husband-and-wife folk duo active in the mid 60s.

The Fariñas quickly followed up their debut album with Reflections In A Crystal Wind, which was released the same year. Like Celebrations For A Grey Day, it featured lovely original folk music with two-part harmonies interspersed with instrumental interludes featuring autoharp and dulcimer. However whilst the first album had subtly hinted at folk-rock, many of the songs on Reflections were full-blown folk-rock, recorded with a band consisting of Bruce Langhorne (guitar), Felix Pappalardi (bass), John Hammond Jr. (harmonica), Charles Small (piano) and Alvin Rogers (drums). It was very good folk-rock, with a raw sound in line with Bob Dylan's electric recordings from the same year, giving the album somewhat of a schizophrenic acoutic/electric format. It was a very good album, and promised many good things to come.
However it was not to be. Richard Fariña died in a motorcycle accident in 1966, shortly after publishing his first novel. 

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snakeboy said...

Beautiful music. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Always willing to listen to something new from the old days.
Cheers for all your work and I hope the move went OK

Bob Mac said...

Breath-taking music. I first heard their recordings back in the late 60s, and I'm rediscovering them now. Does anyone have a copy of the "Complete Vanguard Recordings"? Would be nice to hear those live tracks from CD 3.

many thanks, Bob Mac.