Richard & Linda Thompson - I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (1974)

Richard Thompson is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist.

In October 1972 Richard Thompson married Linda Peters, who had appeared as a backing singer on his debut solo album Henry The Human Fly from the same year. They began performing as a duo, and in 1973 quickly recorded I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight on a shoestring budget. Thompson played all the guitars, plus mandolin, whistle and keyboards. Bass and drums were provided by Pat Donaldson and Timmy Donald respectively, and there were also appearances from accordion player John Kirkpatrick and Thompson's old bandmate Simon Nicol (on dulcimer). Featuring all original songs and a somewhat bleak mood throughout, it was something of a masterpiece of English folk-rock, but its release was actually held back until 1974. On its eventual release it was not much of a commercial success, but was quickly recognised by critics and fans for the brilliant record it was, and today is considered the highlight of Thompson's career.

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davidwolfsonnc said...

I won't argue with the idea that it is a great album, but the highlight of the Thompsons' career (or even of Richard's) . . . not so sure. I think one listen to Shoot Out the Lights, just for instance . . .

courtney said...

Thanks for this, the Jesse Colin Young solo and all the rest of your excellent, eclectic posts. What a trove!

Anonymous said...

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