Tim Hardin - Bird On A Wire (1971)

Tim Hardin was an American singer-songwriter.

Tim Hardin's second album for Columbia Records came out in 1971. By this time his drug addiction was really starting to take its toll, and he was no longer producing any more wonderful original songs like he had back in the 60s. The album only featured five originals, alongside a traditional adaptation and four covers - Leonard Cohen's "Bird On A Wire", Jack Rhodes' "A Satisfied Mind", John Lee Hooker's "Hoboin'" and Hoagy Carmichael's "Geogia On My Mind". Stylistically it was a moody folk/blues/jazz blend, as the range of cover songs would suggest.
It was a good record (his vocals being the highlight), but certainly not one of his best, and indicative of the downward turn his career was taking in the new decade (and had perhaps been taking for quite some time).

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Thanks for the Tim Hardin. I am enjoying all of them. Any chance you can put up his album 9 or Unforgiven?