The Hour Glass - Power Of Love (1968)

The Hour Glass was a short-lived American rock band.

After the failure of The Hour Glass' first album, Liberty Records and producer Dallas Smith begrudgingly allowed the group more artistic freedom for their follow-up. Power Of Love, released in 1968 (by which time bassist Mabron McKinney had been replaced by Pete Carr), boasted a total of seven Gregg Allman orginals, whilst its predecessor had only featured one. Other songs included the title track by Dan Penn, one by Don Covay, and two by Marlin Greene and Eddie Hinton. It also had a very interesting jazzy instrumental reading of The Beatles' "Nowegian Wood", featuring Duane Allman on electric sitar.
Despite the slight increase in independence, the band still felt terribly restricted by their record label's expectations, and like its predecessor the album ended up sounding rather uneven (though still very listenable). It was another commercial failure. The band then travelled to Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, where they reportedly recorded material for an album which was much closer to their R&B roots, but Liberty were not pleased with the results, and it was never released. 
The Hour Glass subsequently broke up. Both Gregg and Duane briefly recorded with Florida-based band The 31st Of February, the resultant album released in 1972 as Duane & Gregg Allman. Gregg then returned to L.A., and quickly put together a solo album to fulfil his contract with Liberty, but this also went unreleased. Duane went to work as a session musician at Fame Studios, and began jamming with some new friends in Jacksonville. The brothers reunited when Duane summoned Gregg back from L.A. to join the new group he was putting together - The Allman Brothers Band were formed in 1969.

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