Mickey Newbury - Heaven Help The Child (1973)

Mickey Newbury was a critically-acclaimed American singer-songwriter.

Heaven Help The Child was Mickey Newbury's third album to be recorded at Cinderella Studios, and turned out to be another stunning record, completing a remarkable trilogy begun with Looks Like Rain and Frisco Mabel Joy. As was to be expected, it followed in the same vein as its predecessors, with beautifully recorded tales of heartache, longing and failed relationships sung the way only Mickey Newbury could sing them. The instrumental backing was more elaborate and diverse than the first two albums, the epic title track being his most ambitious yet in terms of arrangement. A couple of songs were re-recordings of tunes originally featured his debut Harlequin Melodies, and oddly it also repeated "San Francisco Mabel Joy" from Looks Like Rain (actually the same version, rather than a re-recording). Another notable track was "Why You Been Gone So Long", an upbeat bluegrass-flavoured number which has come to be one of his most-covered songs.

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