Bobby Charles - I Believe In Angels (1963-1998)

Bobby Charles was an American singer-songwriter.

Compiling a complete discography of Bobby Charles' recorded works is something of a difficult task, as though he released only a few proper albums in his career, a vast number of obscure compilations have been put out over the years, all with overlapping tracklists of confusing origin. I have put together this compilation to tie up a few loose ends.
Here we have tracks from three sources. The first is his 1963 single "Big Boys Cry", a tune written by Eddy Raven, released on his own Hub City label. It's a lovely little pop ditty from a period when Charles wandering from label to label with no success to show for it. I haven't been able to locate either its b-side of the second Hub City single from the same year. The second source gives us the bulk of the material here, all recorded during his Woodstock years in the 70s. These songs are mostly half-finished demos, either outtakes from his 1972 self-titled album or things which were going to be developed on his unfinished second album. These songs all have a lovely rootsy, laid-back charm to them, and feature two of his nicest compositions - "Homemade Songs" and "Done A Lot Of Wrong Things". Also features the single version of "Small Town Talk", the same take as the album version but with overdubbed horns. The third source is the 1998 album Secrets Of The Heart, an odd release which seems to have compiled six older songs from 1987's Clean Water with six new ones. Here are the six '98 recordings, completing this compilation.



Tom Humphrey said...

Thanks for turning me onto the Big Boys Cry single. Great one.

I've been thrusting after that unreleased 1977 album, ever since Jimmy McDonough wrote in "Shakey" that Neil Young played on it. Surely someone has it? If this song is any indication, I'll be holding my breath:

Tom Humphrey said...

For the record, I would do about anything, including thrusting, but currently, I'm thirsting.

Gyro1966 said...

Thanks for the Bobby Charles on Zippy!

Supersonic75 said...

Thanks for this!

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