Ian & Sylvia - Lovin' Sound (1967)

Ian & Sylvia were a Canadian husband-and-wife folk duo.

In 1967 Ian & Sylvia moved from Vanguard Records to MGM, and their new label tried to steer them in more of a rock/pop direction, with hopes for some sort of commercial breakthrough. The resultant album, Lovin' Sound, featured a somewhat uneven folk-country-rock-pop mix, with assistance from guitarist David Rea, bassist Harvey Brooks, drummer Bill LaVorna and keyboardist Paul Harris (who also handled the orchestral arrangements). It featured both originals and covers, including songs by Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin and Johnny Cash, as well as one from guitarist David Rea.
It was a nice album, but not the commercial breakthrough MGM had hoped for.

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And thanks for the Ian & Sylvia.Ian is a bit of a jerk but the music great!