P.F. Sloan - Measure Of Pleasure (1968)

P.F. Sloan is an American singer-songwriter.

P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri had been responsible for creating the group The Grass Roots for Dunhill Records, originally as an outlet for their own songwriting. When the original musicians hired to 'be' the band quit, they recruited a second group and renamed them The Grass Roots. Sloan and Barri produced their second album (which featured the Top 10 hit "Let's Live For Today") in 1967, but by then the band wanted more say in their own creative direction, and they parted ways with Sloan and Barri. He released a couple of really fantastic solo singles the same year, but they didn't chart and weren't featured on any albums. By that point he had fallen out with Dunhill, and soon found himself on his own. 
He recorded a third solo album with producer Tom Dowd, and Measure Of Pleasure was released in 1968 on Atco Records. It was an excellent singer-songwriter album, with a hip, bluesy folk-rock sound. Unfortunately it did not sell, and Sloan then dropped out of sight in the late 60s. Friend and fellow songwriter Jimmy Webb actually wrote a song about him in 1970, and even titled it "P.F. Sloan", then later bizarrely claimed that he had made the name up and denied its connection to his former friend. Sloan remains today unknown to most music fans, though many are familiar with his songs.

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