Don Covay - Different Strokes For Different Folks (1971)

Don Covay is an American soul singer and songwriter.

In 1970 Don Covay left Atlantic Records, who he had been with for the last five years, and signed with Janus. His first album of the new decade was 1971's Different Strokes For Different Folks, which like his last LP (1969's The House Of Blue Lights) was credited to Don Covay & The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band, and featured a rather odd choice of album cover. Whilst the previous album had been a exploration of more rootsy blues styles, Different Strokes went the other way and updated his sound somewhat, with more of a slick, funky modern soul feel. Unfortunately it didn't generate any hits.

The House Of Blue Lights (1969) <|> Super Dude (1973)
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