Crosby & Nash - Wind On The Water (1975)

Crosby & Nash are a duo consisting of David Crosby and Graham Nash, better known for being two parts of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

After  their first album together as a duo in 1972, Crosby & Nash both got up to some interesting things. Crosby took part in a short-lived reunion with The Byrds (producing 1973's Byrds album), and Nash released a second solo album. They also both joined their friend Neil Young on the road for his 1973 tour, which produced the live album Time Fades Away. They also found alot of work as backing vocalists, appearing on albums by Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Roger McGuinn, Dave Mason, and others. In 1974 a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunion happened, and the four of them went on tour. They attempted to record another album together, but it did not work out. And so Crosby & Nash recorded as a duo again, signing a new contract with ABC Records. 
Wind On The Water was released in 1975, and compared to their first album it was much more consistent, with a stronger, maturer sound throughout, the strengths of both artists blending together perfectly. The closing track, "To The Last Whale", could indeed be considered their crowning glory. Backing musicians included guitarist Danny Kortchmar, keyboard player Craig Doerge and drummer Russ Kunkel (all of whom had been on the first album), plus guest appearances from pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith, multi-instrumentalist David Lindley and drummer Levon Helm, and backing vocals from James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Carole King.

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Raincheck said...

This was especially a triumph for Crosby. With his run in the Byrds, CSN/Y. solo, and C&N, Crosby was on top of the world. After this, the signs of Crosby's self abuse began to show. The follow up, Whistling Down the Wire, was disappointing. After 1977s triumphant CSN reunion, he was spent.

This is the peak of the Crosby/Nash combo, and shows what they were capable of together. Drugs, egos, and other bands just kept calling,

Opie said...

I agree with Raincheck. This is the better of the duo's albums. While his vocal work on the CSN(&Y) albums was always tight and strong, some of his songs on the albums and his solo work did vary (as is normal for most artists) and wasn't always what one expected. It's a damned shame that his problems affected his life as they did.

Thankfully he came back (IMHO) with "Croz" and is doing better musically. However, his personal life is going downhill. I fear that he's either losing his mind or is back on drugs. His problems with Neil and Graham are ending any chance of any new work with either man, which is a damned shame since I'd love to hear some more CSNY or even CSN work. :(