Ronnie Hawkins - Mr Dynamo (1960)

Ronnie Hawkins is an American rockabilly singer.

Ronnie Hawkins released his second album in 1960. His guitarist Jimmy Ray Paulman had by then returned home to Arkansas, and so was replaced by Fred Carter Jr., who joined fellow Hawks 'Pop' Jones (piano), 'Lefty' Evans (bass) and Levon Helm (drums). Mr Dynamo thus featured some excellent stinging lead guitar from Carter. Stylistically it was quite an odd blend of gritty rockabilly and a softer doo-wop / teen pop sound, and featured bizarre backing vocals and percussion on some songs. Nevertheless it was a fine record, Hawkins handling the pop material quite admirably (including a cover of "You Cheated (You Lied)", which had been a hit for The Shields in 1958). It also had covers of Carl Perkins' "Honey Don't" and Fats Domino's "Sick And Tired".
Two of the songs were actually written by a fifteen-year old fan called Robbie Robertson, who was waiting for his chance to join The Hawks as guitarist. Hawkins had taken him under his wing, and Robertson's chance to be a Hawk was soon to come...

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