P.F. Sloan - Twelve More Times (1966)

P.F. Sloan is an American singer-songwriter.

P.F. Sloan had scored a huge hit as a songwriter in 1965 with "Eve Of Destruction", which was taken to #1 by his label-mate Barry McGuire. Other more modest hits followed, recorded by acts such as The Turtles ("Let Me Be" and "You Baby"), The Searchers ("Take Me For What I'm Worth") and Herman's Hermits ("A Must To Avoid"). He also wrote and recorded a song called "Where Were You When I Needed You" with his songwriting partner Steve Barri, and they released it under the name The Grass Roots, with Sloan on lead vocals. Dunhill Records persuaded them to recruit a San Francisco band called The Bedouins to tour as The Grass Roots and support other Dunhill acts for TV performances. This group released a cover of Bob Dylan's "Ballad Of A Thin Man" in 1965, with singer/guitarist Bill Fulton on lead vocals rather than Sloan.
Sloan's second solo album came out in 1966. Twelve More Times was some fine folk-rock, more polished and fuller-sounding than his debut, with a raw Dylanesque vibe balanced against some fine pop melodies. As good as it was, it didn't lead to any real success for him as a recording artist. 
Later that year another version of "Where Were You When I Needed You" was put out as The Grass Roots, this time with Fulton singing lead, and it made it to #28. However it was then that most of the band (including Fulton) left, and Sloan and Barri took the Grass Roots name back for themselves.

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