Paul Butterfield's Better Days - It All Comes Back (1973)

Better Days was a short-lived band led by harmonica player Paul Butterfield.

Better Days released their second album in 1973, not long after their debut. Like the first album, it was a fine mix of R&B styles performed by a wonderful band - Paul Butterfield (harmonica/vocals), Geoff Mulduar (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Ronnie Barron (keyboards/vocals), Amos Garrett (lead guitar), Billy Rich (bass) and Chris Parker (drums). Their friend, neighbour and fellow Bearsville Records artist Bobby Charles was apparently involved in the album, as he wrote or co-wrote four of the songs (including a wonderful version of “Small Town Talk”, originally from his 1972 album, here sung by Muldaur). He also sang backing vocals for one of these songs. 
After this second album, the band went their separate ways, marking the end of a far too short collaboration. Butterfield’s next release would mark the start of his solo career.

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