Ian Matthews - Journeys From Gospel Oak (1972)

Not released until 1974 
Ian Matthews is an English singer-songwriter.

In 1972 Ian Matthews formed the band Plainsong. However he still owed another solo album to Vertigo Records, so went to the studio and quickly put together a collection of mostly cover songs. He handed it over to Vertigo, and then put all his attention into the Plainsong project.
Vertigo didn't release it, but he was freed from his contract (the Plainsong album came out on Elektra). The album later surfaced in 1974 on the Mooncrest label. Though the story behind its recording suggested it could have ended up sounding rushed and uninspired, the result was actually a pleasant surprise. Journeys From Gospel Oak turned out to be a great collection of songs all arranged in Matthews' distinctive style. The covers were all American in origin, songs written by Gene Clark, Mickey Newbury, Tim Hardin, Paul Siebel, Jimmy Webb, Glen D. Hardin, Merle Haggard... The highlight was a great version of the country-soul classic "Do Right Woman, Do Rigth Man" by Dan Penn and Chips Moman. The album was finished off by two good original songs. Instrumental backing came from guitarists Jerry Donahue and Andy Roberts (the latter a member of Plainsong), bassist Pat Donaldson and drummer Timi Donald.

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