Crazy Horse - Crazy Moon (1978)

Crazy Horse is an American rock band best known for its association with Neil Young, who they have backed on numberous albums and tours since 1969.

Following the departure of founding member Danny Whitten, Frank Molina and Billy Talbot had released two albums with a variety of other musicians under the Crazy Horse name in 1972. However when Whitten died later that same year they effectively retired the Crazy Horse name. They went back to work with Neil Young, and appeared on his albums Tonight's The Night (with Nils Lofgren and Ben Keith, as The Santa Monica Flyers) and On The Beach (among many other guest musicians).
It was in 1975 that Young decided to record with Crazy Horse again, and so they found a new rhythm guitarist in Frank Sampedro. The four of them recorded the well-received Zuma album, and over the next few years they toured the US, Europe and Japan. Crazy Horse also made appearancess on both 1977's American Stars N Bars and 1978's Comes A Time.
Later in 1978 they recorded another album of their own. Young was heavily involved in Crazy Moon, adding lead guitar to many of the tracks, so that it ended up sounding much like a typical Neil Young album with the lead vocals shared between Molina, Talbot and Sampedro. With a mix of hard rock and country rock styles, it also featured appearances from keyboardist Barry Goldberg, violinist Bobby Notkoff (a past bandmate of Molina and Talbot's), pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith, and old friends Greg Leroy and Michael Curtis, who had both been briefly in the band back in 1972.

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