Rick Roberts - She Is A Song (1973)

Rick Roberts is an American singer-songwriter, known for having been a member of The Flying Burrito Brothers and Firefall.

Rick Roberts' brief solo career continued with She Is A Song, produced by ex-bandmate Chris Hillman and produced in 1973. It was more mellow Californian country-rock, and very good country-rock at that. Most of the songs were originals, though it did include some interesting covers of Paul Siebel's "She Made Me Lose My Blues" and Stephen Stills' "Four Days Gone". Musicians on the album included Hillman (bass) and some of his recent bandmates from Manassas - Paul Harris (keyboards), Al Perkins (guitar & pedal steel), Kenny Passarelli (bass) and Joe Lala (percussion), plus Rusty Young (dobro) and George Grantham (drums) of Poco, and guitarist Joe Walsh.
After this album Roberts formed the band Firefall, with whom he had a number of hits in the late 70s.
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