Kaleidoscope - Incredible! (1969)

Kaleidoscope were an American psychedelic band originally active from 1966 to 1970.

Before their third album, Kaleidoscope went through a small lineup change. Chris Darrow and John Vidican left, and they were replaced by bassist Stuart Brotman (who had been in an early lineup of Canned Heat) and drummer Paul Lagos. This gave them an excellent new rhythm section which was showcased well on 1969's Incredible! It was another experimental fusion of styles, among them psychedelic rock, folk, blues, country, Cajun, and of course the middle-eastern sounds that surely no other rock band were exploring at the time. It featured a cover of Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor" and a hard-rocking version of the traditional folk tune "Cuckoo",  alongside some excellent band originals. These included the Cajun tune "Petite Fleur" (sung in French), the instrumental "Banjo" (showcasing David Lindley's banjo skills through an echo unit), and the remarkable "Seven Ate Sweet". This song was not only the highlight of the album, but maybe of the band's entire recording career, an 11-minute middle-eastern-rock fusion in 7/8 time, featuring saz, clarinet and Turkish vocals from Solomon Feldthouse.
Incredible! turned out to be maybe their best album, and as was to be expected, didn't give them any pop success. It did become their highest charting album though, albeit only as #139!

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