JJ Cale - Number 10 (1992)

JJ Cale was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

JJ Cale was never adverse to using modern technology - indeed his debut album opened with the sound of a drum machine, which was certainly unusual for 1971, especially for an artist with such a rootsy style. His tenth album (predictably titled Number 10) saw him update his sound further through the use of new digital technology. It was a home-made affair, and featured more modern drum machine sounds and the careful use of synthesizers. All this could have perhaps ended badly, but the result was actually just more typically laid-back JJ Cale music, just with a slightly more modern sound which in no ways got in the way. He played alot of the instruments himself, but there were also appearances from drummer Jimmy Karstein, organist Spooner Oldham, bassists Tim Drummond and Nick Rather, and his regular collaborators Christine Lakeland and Bill Boatman.
There were two songs which were notable for not having the slick digital sound of the rest of the album - "Take Out Some Insurance" and "Low Rider" stood out for their natural, acoustic country-roots style.

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Anonymous said...

Great - one of the two JJ Cale albums I haven't got! Many thanks - really appreciated.

(Do you have Closer To You, by any chance?)

Anonymous said...

Friendly greetings from Crete-Greece! I have a German pressing vinyl of ''Travel-log''(J.J. Cale)with another band on the B side of the record! Does anybody have any information about this? Thank you! LEFTERIS.