Peter Green - In The Skies (1979)

Peter Green is a British blues-rock guitarist, best known for founding Fleetwood Mac in 1967.

Peter Green had formed and led blues-rock group Fleetwood Mac from 1967 to 1970, becoming known as one of Britain's best blues guitarists in the process. He had famously left the band at the height of their success as he began to suffer from mental illness, reportedly triggered by some particularly potent LSD. He released a strange, uncommercial solo album (1970's The End Of The Game) and a couple of similiar singles, but he obviously had no plans for a solo career at that time. He briefly returned to Fleetwood Mac to fill in for Jeremy Spencer in 1971, but after that he was not heard of for a long time. As his illness led to him spending a lot of time in psychiatric hosptials, he faded into obscurity.
However he did eventually reappear at the end of the decade. With the help and encouragement of his brother Michael Green, he made a return to the music business. The album In The Skies came out in 1979, a modest, unambitious yet solid collection of blues-rock tunes and instrumentals. Backing Green was guitarist Snowy White, keyboardist Peter Bardens, bassist Kuma Harada, percussionist Lennox Langton and drummers Reg Isidore and Godfrey Maclean. He shared many of the lead guitar duties with Snowy White, as he was obviously still unsure of himself, but he could clearly still play and had not lost his unique touch.

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Thank you very much - PG is a great hero of mine, and I'm very glad to hear this rather obscure album. And thanks for a great blog. All your work is much appreciated!