Ry Cooder - Special Limited Edition Single (1981)

Ry Cooder is an American musician, best known for his skill as a slide guitarist and his interest in American roots music.

This is an obscure release from Ry Cooder - as the title suggests, it's a 'special limited edition single', though it actually features four tracks adding up to twenty one minutes of music. They are live recordings from 1980 and early 1981, so taken from the period when he was exploring R&B-styled material (two songs from Bop Till You Drop, one from Borderline, and an older one from Paradise & Lunch), and with Cooder backed by a second guitar, bass, piano or organ, drums and backing singers (presumeably Bobby Bobby King, Willie Green Jr. and other regulars). The songs are all drawn out with fantastic grooves giving Cooder plenty of space for solos. It's a great little live mini-album, showcasing Cooder at his best in a rock context.

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