Little Feat - Down On The Farm (1979)

Little Feat are an American rock band originally formed in 1969 by Lowell George.

By 1979 Lowell George was deeply disatisfied with the jazz-rock direction Little Feat were going in. He had lost control of the group, as in his view they had become too democratic - it's definitely true that their best records had been when they were 'his band'. He recorded a solo album, and following its release he announced he was leaving the group. On tour to support his album, he died from a heart attack at the age of 34 (probably aided by his excess weight and heavy drug use).
Once over the shock of what had happened, the rest of Little Feat worked together to complete the album they had been recording when George left. Down On The Farm was released in 1979, and afterwards the band went their seperate ways. Admittedly its not one of their best albums, but that can be forgiven due to the unfortunate circumstances of its recording.

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KDNYfm said...

Not their best album, and besides the Lowell tracks, the hilite for me on this album was Perfect Imperfection.
thanx for sharing!