The Electric Flag - An American Music Band (1968)

The Electric Flag were an American band originally formed in 1967 by blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield.

Mike Bloomfield left the Electric Flag shortly after the release of their debut album, as exhaustion and his heroin addiction got the better of him. The band went on without him, with drummer Buddy Miles now in control, and they found a replacement lead guitarist in Horshal Wright. Their second album was thus recorded with the lineup of Buddy Miles (drums/vocals), Nick Gravenites (vocals/rhythm guitar), Herbie Rich (keyboards/sax/vocals), Harvey Brooks (bass), Horshal Wright (lead guitar), Stemzie Hunter (sax/vocals), Peter Strazza (sax) and Marcus Doubleday (trumpet). It was produced by John Simon (who also played some keyboards), and was released in late 1968.
Without the presence of Bloomfield interest in this second album has never been high, which is a shame as its a truly great mix of rock, blues, soul and jazz, and arguably just as good (if not better!) than the band's better-known debut, featuring strong original material (plus Dr John's "Qualified), great arrangements, talented musicianship, and vocals shared between the different members. However this version of the band did not last, and before long they had split. Buddy Miles went on to form his own group (Buddy Miles Express), which Herbie Rich also joined, and he later worked with Jimi Hendrix. Nick Gravenites went on to work as a producer and briefly joined Big Brother & The Holding Company, whilst Harvey Brooks returned to session work.

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