Swampwater - Swampwater 2 (1971)

Swampwater were a short-lived country-rock band active in the late 60s and early 70s.

In the early 70s Swampwater continued to tour as Linda Ronstadt's backing group, and with her got themselves two TV appearances on The Johnny Cash Show and The Mike Douglas Show (they got to perform two of their own songs on the former). They were then lured away from her to work with Arlo Guthrie. At the same time they got themselves a deal with RCA Records, and released a second self-titled album. It was another solid country-rock effort, with assistance from pianist Glen D. Hardin and guitarist Herb Pederson. Among some strong original material, it had a cover of obscure singer-songwriter Paul Arnoldi's "One Note Man". Another standout track was Gib Guilbeau's "Your Gentle Ways Of Loving Me", which had been recorded by The Byrds back in 1968.
The album garnered good reviews, but the band were never destined to great success. Whilst they were working with Guthrie, guitarist John Beland quit, and before long the band had ceased to exist. Beland began a solo career, and Guilbeau occupied his time with session work before joining The Flying Burrito Brothers in 1975. He also reunited with bassist Thad Maxwell some years later in the short-lived group Sierra.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Love anything by Gib Guilbeau.

"Ask, and ye shall receive".

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Anonymous said...

You can certainly hear that their sound has changed and progressed after just one year.

Wonderful cajun/Byrdsian themed music.

Check it out!

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At your convenience, will you please upload Bobby Charles 1972 debut to z-share? listened to all other of his that you have posted.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you so much.
You are extremely accommodating!