Howard Tate - Get It While You Can (1967)

Howard Tate was an American soul singer.

Howard Tate was born in Georgia, and made the move north to Philadelphia with his family when he was young. He began singing gospel as a teenager, encouraged by his minister father. He joined a gospel group called the Gainors, and in 1955 they made the move to secular music, getting signed to Mercury Records as a doo-wop group, though they didn't see much success on the charts. Tate next found work as a singer for R&B organist Bill Doggett, whom he remained with from 1960 to 1963.
His break came when he was discovered by producer/songwriter Jerry Ragavoy, who encouraged him to move to New York and got him signed to Verve Records. He scored two Top 20 R&B hits in 1966 with Ragavoy's own "Ain't Nobody Home" and "Look At Granny Run, Run" - both made it to #12. An LP called Get It While You Can featuring these songs came out in 1967, showcasing Tate and Ragavoy's distinctive form of sophisticated R&B, with fantastic arrangements and soulful vocals (he was a brilliant singer on par with the likes of Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett). The title track was another single, and though it didn't actually chart, it is today acknowledged as a true soul classic.
The version of the album here features a number of bonus tracks, including "Stop", another Top 20 hit written by Ragavoy (it got to #15 in 1968).

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