Lonnie Mack - Glad I'm In The Band (1969)

Lonnie Mack is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

After getting to the upper reaches of the charts with his guitar instrumentals “Memphis” and “Wham!” in the early 60s, Lonnie Mack lay low for the rest of the decade, disappearing from the public eye to focus on session work (playing on records by Freddie King, James Brown, Joe Simon and Albert Washington, among others). It wasn’t until 1968 that he started recording his own material again, signing with Elektra Records. His first new album was Glad I’m In The Band, released in 1969. It was a departure of sorts from his earlier work, as the focus moved towards his vocals. This turned out to be a truly welcome development, as he was always an excellent singer. Stylistically, the album was a mix of blues, soul, and little bit of country. Even though he was singing more (and there was only one instrumental, a new version of “Memphis”), there was still plenty of room for his fiery guitar playing, set to a brassy Stax-style R&B backing. It also featured some excellent original material, most notably a new version of “Why?” (which had been the closing track of The Wham Of That Memphis Man!) and the slow-burning soul of “She Don’t Come Here No More”. The album didn’t chart, but was well received by the critics, who praised his guitar playing, his voice and his good musical taste.

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